Day 67 – Easter Mantel!

OK, I’m not usually a beanie baby/stuffed animal kinda gal, but it seems that Easter always brings out the fuzzy toy lover in me. I mean, who can resist a soft purple lamb or a stuffed bulldog with fake bunny ears? My husband will flip when he gets home and sees the Easter mantel I created, but heck, I know he secretly loves feathery yellow baby birds as much as I do!
If you saw my “decorating your fireplace mantel” post back in January, then you will recognize the brown basketwoven vase with the twigs from my yard. It was easy to switch the decor around, still centering around this nice and versatile focalpoint. I must say, I feel I’m somewhat of an expert in using what you already have. All the butterflies were from my fall and Christmas decorations and as I said, the stuffed toys have been collected over the years. The cool green lantern hanging below the mantel is leftover from a summer party and of course the twigs were from the backyard. It would’ve been VERY easy to give in and go crazy at Hobby Lobby, my favorite craft store and buy all new stuff, but I say, reduce, reuse, recycle as often as possible. Your wallet and the earth will thank you!


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