Day 59 – apple turnovers


apples2These easy to make apple turnovers are so delish! When my sis and I were young, my mom showed us how to make these apple turnovers made from wonton wrappers! So unbelievably easy and yummy too.

Easy Apple Turnovers

1 med apple chopped up into small pieces
a dash of lemon juice
1 tsp or more ground cinnamon
* Optional *2 tb of sweetener of your choice- sugar, coconut sugar, even honey
wonton wrappers from the produce section in your grocery store
oil to cook with

Mix the apples, sweetener ( if using, I used 2 packets of stevia), cinnamon and lemon juice. Spoon into the center of half of a won ton. You won’t want it too big-then it will be all wrapper! Close the wrapper by rubbing a small bit of liquid (juice from the apple, water, lemon juice) and seal the edges.

Heat your oil (I prefer coconut oil and used about 2 TB) and lightly fry each side until brown.


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