Day 55 – rustic frame with scripture

Nothing more helpful to the creative brain than a snowy day, a cup of hot green tea and the peaceful silence the snow brings.  I wasn’t sure how this would turn out, but I went for it and tried free hand calligraphy.  I mean, I had some letters written out to copy from, but no tracing was done. 

This cool frame was made from old fence pieces when we got our fence re-done and some of that chipboard for the back that I had lying around.  I modpodged some of my scrapbook paper onto the back and then went for it with black acrylic paint and wrote one of my favorite scriptures on it.  It was definitely scary putting the first strokes of black over the top of such lovely paper, but I knew I was committed and did the best I could. 

I know it’s not straight, the letters are a little imperfect, the frame is a little crooked, but you know what?  So am I!  And I am just grateful today to have 2 hands to create and a brain full of ideas.


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