Day 54 – flour free bread?

I normally run from so-called bread recipes.  I nervously skip them on my fave recipe sites or on my beloved Pinterest.  However, I found this one (no yeast and no leavening? Yes please!) and knew I had to try it!  I finally made the “life-changing bread” according to the woman on this blog:

Um, yeah…it’s delish!!!  If you like nuts and lots of chewy seed stuff, this is the recipe for you!  If you’re more into a slice of pasty Wonder Bread, then skip this post.  The best part is this bread is gluten free and jam packed with fiber and flavor!

Please check her site out to read the full recipe, but I can give you a few tips and modifications I made.  She says to use a flexible, silicon loaf pan; I did not have one, but my cheapo aluminum one worked fine.  The other thing is she says to take it out mid-way during the baking time, take it out of the pan (what? yikes!) and even more scary, invert it and place directly on to the rack to bake the additional time.  I was a little nervous about any runaway seeds falling off and burning on the bottom of my oven, so I placed a baking sheet underneath to catch the crumbs.  It worked!

Needless to say, I think she’s right; it really is life-changing!  I love it and hope to be able to bake it again soon.

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