Day 53 – Green beans- a sneak peek of summer!

I hated green beans as a kid. I don’t know what happened. But one day, I put it up to my lips, and the bean wouldn’t go in; not unless I wanted everything else to come back out.
However, my sister has saved me with yet another great recipe and once I tried this, I was hooked on green beans! This week I was lucky to get some fresh green beans in the grocery store. No, I didn’t ask where they were from so I have a slight tinge of guilt in case they were shipped from far away. Anyway, two ingredients in this whopper of flavor recipe. Green beans and fresh chopped garlic! Well, actually you can use your choice of oil or butter to saute these babies in.
I took about 1 lb of beans, prepped them, chopped about 4 large cloves of garlic and sauteed for about 15 min until they were soft enough and slightly browned. DELISH!

It is AMAZING and probably one of my fave things in the world-probably due to the lovely caramelized garlic bits…yummmm. Now, I can’t wait for summer for the bumper crop of beans at my local farmers market!beans2



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