Day 52 – shabby frames

Good morning, as I eagerly await the snow plows to come down my street so I can get out and go to work (haha, not!), I am ready to show you my latest creation from last night.  I have noticed my creative genious revs up just after the hubby goes to bed and once I get the blasted and life sucking picture box (the tv) turned off. These cute little frames were in the wedding craft supplies aisle at the craft store.  They are meant to be favors with the bride and grooms photo in it or table place markers I imagine.  I have had them around for so long, I figured now is the time to do something with them.  They are about 3 x 5 and are super cute with the seed beads and other misc beads I started gluing on.  I even put a sheen of that glow in the dark glitter glue on one of them just because I could!

I love the shabby chic colors and think they turned out pretty cute! 

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