Day 44 – Valentine Mani!

p>I wanted to call this the “chocolate raspberry heart mani” but I don’t think it looks so much like that as a Deck of Cards theme.  I was slightly in a blog panic tonight; I started with one mani, the red french mani and could not for the life of me get the little hearts to go on straight.  I even had my husband try to paint-I cut little silhouettes of a heart and neither of us could paint in the heart without it going everywhere.  So, I went for the straight red french mani…however, I hated it! 

So, take 2-here you go!  I painted freehand this time and put little hearts in dark brown and red with a glossy topcoat and then did the trendy ringfinger alternating red with dark brown on my left hand.  Since I’m left handed, this was not happening-getting the hearts!  Well, it suits me for now until I chop off these long nails!


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