Day 43 – plaid love

Ok, I knew this blog would be a journey of sorts; finding myself through creativity and hopefully a new path or vision if you will. However, I did not expect to feel so strongly that I am not called to paint earrings. The photo below is NOT, I repeat, NOT painted but Modpodged. After struggling with my paintbrush on such a tiny surface, I literally felt a jolt of electricity or maybe it was God saying, “put the brush down, you are not anointed to paint”. And so there it was. I put the brush down (and my soggy attitude) and picked up some more scrapbook paper. I modpodged a cute plaid patterned paper onto these little wooden earrings.

These turned out much better than painting! I can’t even show you how poopy the painted ones turned out. 🙂
They are about an inch and a half square-the wood similar to balsa wood, nice and thin and perfect for small craft projects or funky jewelry.plaid earrings

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