Day 39 – this popcorn is trouble!

This is the last time I will blog about anything to do with marshmallows…those plump pillows of devilish ingredients are not good for anyone.  However, I pinned this recipe from Pinterest back in early fall and have been literally dreaming of the white, gooey, sugary mess since then.  So, I had to just get it out of my system…so, no more marshmallows from here on.  I hope 🙂

This is a recipe for “movie night popcorn” but I put my own spin on it which helped slightly in the nutritional department.  There are 4 basic ingredients:  popped popcorn, butter, marshmallows and brown sugar but in my case, coconut sugar.  It’s basically rice krispie treats but made with popcorn instead of cereal. 

I used about 8 cups of popped corn and mixed the following in a pan over med hi heat until melted.

1/2 stick of butter

1/2 c coconut sugar

2 c marshmallows

Once softened and melted together, pour over the corn, stirring and mixing to ensure coverage on all popcorn.  Watch out-this stuff is trouble!  I/we ate so much that the roof of my mouth is still sore.  Handfuls of this molten sugar, lava-laced ancient grain made their way into my mouth until the batch was almost gone. 

So, no more!  Now you know why I said it’s trouble.  Grocery store bought marshmallows are bad anyway, full of lots of stuff you can’t even pronounce, but darn, it’s good every once in a while!  So, this is the last time I will blog about these evil fluffy chubs of sugary goodness. 🙂 

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