Day 37 – Jewelry Organization 101

org 2


Have you ever come out of your jewelry box with the dreaded ball of tangled necklaces?  All you want is the one gold star pendant to go with your denim shirt.  Of course, whenever this would happen to me, I’d end up with my mind in a tangled mess, struggling to gently undo all the knots and tangles while looking up at the clock reading, “You are going to be so late for work” O’clock. 

This is my solution to that problem-3M removable hooks and old candy containers!  I turned one of the shelves in my linen closet into my “jewelry storage” and hung the removable hooks all around the top of the wall under the upper shelf.  I also used old chocolate sampler boxes for my earrings and anything else small.  It may not be the prettiest, but at least I get to work on time!

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