Day 36 – DIY teabags!

Ok, this isn’t a KB original today, but it sure turned out cute.  Take a look at these adorable homemade teabags.  Who knew that we could…eh-hem…make our own teabags instead of paying someone else to make them.  I changed my design slightly from the original blog and am pleased with the results!

To make your teabags, you will need coffee filters, I used unbleached flat filters (any size) and cut out hearts.  I stitched the two sides together with regular thread and carefully loaded in about a 1/2 teaspoon of my loose tea leaves into the middle before stitching the whole bag shut.  I also added my own labels, merely attached with twine and wrote on the back of scrapbook paper.  

Here is the original source with great step by step directions:

Happy heart teabag day!


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