Day 30 – DIY Tshirt vest!

I hate to admit it, but Wednesdays I am usually running out of creative steam. However, I was able to knock out a project and re-create this pin from Pinterest.It originated from a lovely blog called Wobisobi where she gives a much better step by step process than I can.

Here is what I did:  A no-sew vest made from a tshirt, or in my case, it took 3 tshirts to get the desired effect.  It’s very easy to do and since I opted for a smaller size tshirt, I took additional material scraps and lengthened the over the shoulder area a bit.  I apologize for the wrinkles!!! I love the logo on the back…in a former life, I was a part owner of an intimate apparel business but that’s a story for another day. 🙂

Check it out and be sure to check out Wobisobi’s blog for step by step instructions:

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