Day 26 – A beautiful sound

As soon as I heard the beautiful sound of birds chirping on this warm Colorado (January!) day, I knew what I had to do for my project.  An orange peel birdfeeder!  Thanks to my dear friend Sarah, she showed me this “pin” from Pinterest and I just had to share some food with the birds who bring me such great joy with their melodious songs.  I will not accept the fact that I may or may not have a black thumb and also, haven’t had luck with my birdfeeders in the past, so here I go-trying my luck again.  I don’t know what the trick is to attracting birds, so if you do, please let me know!

I scooped out an orange, cleaned out the peel gently and as thoroughly as possible.  Then, I poked a hole in both sides and threaded some yarn through each side.  Just keep enough length to secure to the tree branch or wherever you want to hang it.  Fill with birdseed and voila!  Hopefully my birdies will come and enjoy before it turns cold again!

Here is the original source:×9-kids-holiday-crafts/#.UMcVx2NeNd8.pinterest

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