Day 25 – Birdnests

Today is an oldie but a goodie; the birdnest pendant necklace.  I’ve been fortunate enough to sell several of these in the past year to friends and through my Etsy site, but now I’m actually going to show you how to do them!

Step 1:  pick your wire-any gauge or color is fine.  They will just give different effects.  Personally, I like wire that is smaller because it’s easy to shape into that messy nest look. I would cut the wire at about 36 inches so you have a lot to play with.

Step 2:  pick 3 beads, preferably round and not bigger than a 1/4 inch.  I have done all the same color or mix and match, and all have worked out pretty well.

Step 3:  thread your 3 beads on to the wire and leave about 4 inches from the end.  Now, wrap the wire so the two sides touch and you will wrap the short end around the longer end a few times so it holds the beads in place. 

Step 4:  Now comes the fun part!  Start winding the wire around the beads in a circle-do this a few times, then you can thread the wire back and forth through the holes to make it secure.  Then, keep weaving back and forth, under, over, make sure you don’t cover the beads, but do more wrapping under so the beads will have a nest to sit in.  Use your imagination and keep weaving until you have a nice “nest” around the beads and then when you are pleased with the nest, cut the wire (if you have extra) to about an inch and a half left. You will want to wind it under and tuck in the ends so the wire won’t poke you. 

This can be a stretch for those of you who want exact instructions, but it can be incredibly freeing if you open your mind and let your imagination guide you!

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