Day 24 – Fashion in a crunch!

I hate my outfit today!  I knew it would be a long day with a business meeting and then a “semi dressy” function this evening.  Ladies, I know you’ve all had this dilemma- what will transition nicely from a day at the office over into the evening for a cocktail party?  Aside from packing a whole suitcase of clothes, I did a little sleuthing at Michael’s Crafts store and came up with a few snazzy ribbons and such that I hope will dress up my outfit for evening wear.

I have a flowery, green cardigan sweater that I’m wearing but it doesn’t stay hooked closed with the hook and eye fasteners.  My black pants are also falling down and I need a belt!  So, here I go, I’m looping a ribbon through the hook and eye fasteners and tying a bow across the front; phew!  That works!  Next, the pants-an easy fix-cut ribbon the length long enough to use as a belt and tie with a big bow in front-it’s a coordinating shade of green to match my sweater.  Another phew!  Now, I’m ready for the cocktail party and won’t feel quite as frumpy as I first did!


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