gallery Day 22 – fast mani!

Hi ladies and gents, today I am trying my hand, or well, I tried my hand at a trendy chevron manicure!  I have a big week at work this week, so I wanted to gussy up my nails and try something different. 

For this manicure, all I did was pick my base color, enter the lovely purplish brown color, which I painted on the tips, and then I used “fairy dust” for a top coat, giving a nice sparkly shine.  How did I do this?  Well, it wasn’t freehand I can tell you that, but it was so easy!  I cut pieces of scotch tape in squares and put on the base of my nail in a triangle, which then made for easy painting of the tips with no straggling lines.  Then, I took off the tape when it was dry and painted the sparkly coat, followed by a fast dry gloss topcoat.

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