image Day 21 – Alas, more garland!

I’ve never been one for this “hallmark” holiday, Valentine’s Day, but this year seeing as how I’m holiday and garland crazy, this is a great opportunity for more projects!
So far, yesterday I did the “Be Mine” garland for our bedroom and today, I did a small heart garland but it really adds a lot, I think! At first, I meant to cut the same sized hearts so that I could glue them back to back so they’d be reversible, but I forgot somewhere along the way while watching a Valentine’s lovey dovey movie (haha on me, I got sucked into a Hallmark one!) and chasing the dogs while they tracked in more muddy footprints!
I ended up with all different sizes of hearts and instead of starting over to make them match, I strung them by poking a hole with a pin and threading the fishline through to hang horizontally. I used 3 things: fishline, vintage Valentine print scrapbook paper and my trusty scissors!
I think it turned out pretty good, what do you think?

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