Day 20-Be Mine!

Does this happen to you?  You make your list, go to the store, and leave with completely different stuff than you went for…well, I went to Michaels today with the sole purpose of buying scrapbook paper to make some big hearts for a valentine garland.  I was a woman with a mission and I put on my blinders and headed to the scrapbooking section until…glitter!  Something sparkly caught my eye since glitter runs in my blood and I sidetracked to the cheapo section where they have the dollar bins and 2 for $3.00 bins.

Uh oh!  Well, needless to say, I am SO glad my brain was on craft fire today and my sidetracking to the cheapy section worked out in my favor.  I bought one premade pink heart garland, some pretty clothespins, some clip on butterflies, 2 larger sparkly hearts and a bunch of $1.00 notecard packs.

It was really easy to put this cute Be Mine garland together!  I think I perfected a Shabby Chic meets Kathy’s spunky taste in this wall decor that is hanging over the bed.  I cut out the letters from the notecards and hung with the clothespins, and then attached the butterflies.

I’d probably still be cutting out hearts and stringing them if I went with Plan A!  Do you like it?

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