Day 18- freshen up those pillows!

Sometimes I cheat.  Before you get all excited, I mean, I cut corners sometimes. I cheat and have caffeine or sugar when I’m not supposed to.  I stop my 30 minutes on the treadmill at the gym at 29:40.  I have even gotten home at the end of the day and realized I have a ballpoint pen from work still stuffed through my ponytail.  For shame!

Well, today is about cutting good corners.  Did these pillows turn out cute or what?  And guess what?  Not a single stitch was sewn!  

I stuffed some old throw pillows into: 1. a way too tight shirt with a cute girl on it to match my darling new red futon sofa, 2. an old angora sweater that I’m allergic to, and 3. a darling Parisian design on a way too big shirt that I will probably never wear.

Now, how simple is that and it’s not permanent so you can switch out to other old shirts/sweaters or whatever you think will work-maybe an old scarf?  On all of them except the white one with the girl on it (I liked her arms out and floppy for something different), I either tied the arms across the front like a package or I tucked in the neck and arms to a tighter fit.  I love my reading nook with these fun and whimsical pillows-do you?

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