Day 16 – And there was fire…

Ladies and gents, some of you were more excited about this post than others, you heard through the grapevine that “there would be fire”…and there was, this evening!  The long and short of it was that I pinned this over a year ago and have been wanting to cut bottles to make into drinking glasses or vases, but have been to scared or was waiting around for hubby to help.  Well, tonight was the night! 

Some good and bad came of it; firstly we tried a lovely riesling wine bottle, perfect size and had a cool dragon photo inside the bottle.  Could not get it to work. We even tried 2 times to no avail.

Second came my fave bottle in the world.  The beautiful Made in Italy, Limoncello, complete with faceted sides-worked great!  And now I wonder if some chemical is inside the American made glass bottle to make it harder to break than the Italian glass. Who knows!

Here are the easy instructions:

1. get a piece of yarn or twine, wrap around your bottle where you want to cut it

2. Take off the string and soak in acetone/nail polish remover for about 10 seconds

3. wrap back around the bottle and holding the bottle over the sink horizontally, light the string on fire.  Oooh pretty fire!  Keep rotating the bottle so it goes all the way around and then here is a critical step, you have to wait until the fire goes out-approximately 30 ish seconds

4. plunge the bottle into ice cold water and hopefully it will snap where you had the string.  My italian bottle broke, albeit not exactly where I would’ve liked.  At least it broke unlike the riesling bottle and I have a glass grinder so I can smooth out the edge.

So, my findings were that I will try this again with another couple of bottles-I hear beer bottles work great and hopefully I’ll be able to make a matching set of drinking glasses one of these days.  And at least I had my trusty partner to assist and we didn’t burn the house down!  You can find directions on Wikihow and there are a million different pins on Pinterest.

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