Day 15 – Mindblowing DIY today…deodorant!

I about hurt myself on the treadmill tonight in order to really test this DIY deodorant out and get a nice, drippy sweat going.  Eeeewww!  Sorry, but I can comfortably say this stuff actually works!  I can’t say if it will work with everyone’s body chemistry, but I’m a normal gal, I sweat and (eeewww) smell normally and it kept me “BO” smell free.  You will still sweat as this is not meant to block your pores from sweating like an anti-perspirant.

So, after many years of submitting my poor armpits to the dangers of anti-perspirants, I am going clean with this new recipe! 

Approximately 3-4 tb of cornstarch, 3-4 tb of baking soda, about 2 tb of coconut oil (melt first in the microwave) and an essential oil of your choice if you’d like.  I used a few drops of lavender oil which has antibacterial properties as well as a clean, lovely smell.  Mix it all together, it will be like a mushy paste and then as the oil cools down, it will harden slightly.  Mine is a little too hard for my taste but that’s because we live in Colorado and my house is stinkin’ chilly right now!  Apply with your fingers as necessary.  The coconut oil will act as a moisturizer and the cornstarch and baking soda are drying agents.  All in all, a nice blend and I hope to have happier pits from now on!

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