Day 14 – Can you say, duh??

Duh!  Now being the costume jewelry hoarder that I am, why didn’t I think of this first?  It’s not like people are making tons of money off of this idea, but it sure is an awesome way to use some of your old rings, costume or even family heirlooms.  Check this out!

Take your old rings, pick about 10 and then you can use more or less depending on what size your wrist is.

Any crafter/jewelry maker has large jump rings and a type of clasp on hand…if you don’t, they are easy to get at your local craft store.  Hook your rings together side by side with the jump rings and then attach a clasp for easy closure.  I like the toggle style but I only had lobster claws on hand which are trickier to hook by yourself. 

Easy peasy!  (here I am modeling my hands again, haha)

Here is the original pin link:


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