Day 13 – my lucky hands!

I love Sundays!  My usual routine is to come home after church or the gym and get down and dirty in the kitchen.  After making a big batch of Gluten Free Italian Wedding Soup and a bunch of mini egg/sausage muffins for the hubby today, my hands are looking pretty chalky and dry. 

Over Christmas break, my sissy and I found a fantastic way to sooth and restore dry hands. In fact, she has already blogged about it, but now it’s my turn to share this awesome and simple remedy with you.

Enter my two favorite things (well, almost favorite!); the rockstars of the nutrition world, coconut sugar and coconut oil. 

Take about 1 tsp of coconut oil and rub between your hands-it will start to melt like butter….mmmmmmm!  Then, put about a tsp of the coconut sugar (or any sugar will do) and start rubbing between your hands.  Be sure to rub carefully, as both sugar and salts are very abrasive and you want to gently exfoliate, not rub your hands raw.  Rinse off with hot/very warm water but no soap.  Ideally, you could do this before bed and pop on some cotton gloves to seal in the moisture overnight.  Once rinsed, you should feel immediately softer. 

I am no hand model, but you can totally tell the difference in the photos above, don’t you think?

One comment

  1. cool. and now I am getting it every day YAY. Have a great Carols birthday day ! Ha ha How about putting your mini eggsausage muffins on tomorrow. Sounds good

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