Day 12 – A real Pin from Pinterest!

I could do cartwheels today I’m so happy with how my project turned out!  I tried this cute sweater modification I found on Pinterest.  Unfortunately, the link isn’t working to give her credit.  I will list the pin link and the website at the end of this just in case, lest it look like I’m trying to take full credit for this adorable idea.

I took an old, bulky sweater, cut the neck out and sewed the raw edges under. 

Then the fun part was cutting a slit about 7 inches down from the neckline down the arm, sewing the raw edges under and adding a ribbon to tie at the shoulder.  The sewing took a little longer than I planned, but hey, I still got it done in a couple hours and came out with a very feminine take on a thrift store find!

Here is the link from Pinterest:

And the website link which will hopefully work for you since she rocked it with the original idea!



  1. LOVE this. And it much cuter on you than the original pin 🙂 Now I think I might have to try it. I actually have a wool sweater that got washed and is too small – maybe I’ll slit it up the sides too and use little bows there? Hmmm… you inspire me!

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