gallery Day 7 – Mantel makeover!

Phew!  I’m tired, but here I am, posting my Day 7 project; the Mantel Makeover.  I am soooo glad I have company tomorrow evening!  Now I actually have a goal to finish my mantel redo after taking down the spazzy teal and hot pink haze that was my Christmas 2012 mantelpiece.

I love having a fireplace with a mantel.  I usually obsess, like reallllly obsess over the perfect decorations to go with the season.  Although tonight’s masterpiece isn’t my favorite selection of items, I enjoyed pulling out some old friends, like the vintage Hardy Boys book set and the wooden oval horse painting that my mother so lovingly and beautifully painted for me during my “horse” phase in the 7th grade. 

There are 3 key elements to the mantel design I created tonight:

1.  Variety of heights-I used a variety of heights-books, candles, artwork

2.  Variety of elements-you can see I used metal candle sconces, hardback books, glass filled with pebbles, my Grandma’s vintage ceramic pigeon from Mexico, and twigs from my yard in the basketwoven vase

3.  Variety of neutrals with a pop of color-the red wasn’t intentional, I was going more for a winterscape, but alas, I am inundated with red decor in my house and it worked out wonderfully with what I already had

What do you do with your mantel?  Do you have special pieces you use to decorate it?


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