Day 6 – the a-ha popcorn moment!

Duh!  Why haven’t I tried making popcorn in a brown paper bag in my microwave before?  Why?  Because it sounded slightly dangerous or comical; either a fire from putting paper in the micro or visions of popcorn flying everywhere!  I have seen various things online about it and I finally looked it up on Wikihow.  Duh!  This was seriously almost not worth talking about because it is sooo easy and a no brainer for those of you, like me, who don’t have an air popper.

Mind you, I used a very small amount of popcorn and used a very small bag-no sense in starting a large fire!  This took all of about 90 seconds.  If you are using a lunch bag size, put in about 1/4 c organic (please use organic-no frankencorn-blech!) popcorn or less, put in the bag, fold the bag over twice and stick in the microwave for about 60-90 seconds.  Watch it closely and when you hear the popping slow down, take it out or you could start a fire, like you could if you left it on the stovetop unattended to burn.

Voi-la!  Quick, easy and the best part, no mess to clean up!  It’s the perfect amount for a snack unless you’re like me and can polish 5-6 cups off without batting an eye.  Still, this worked out like a dream and I’m so glad I tried it. 

One comment

  1. Wow!! I didnt know u could do that!!
    My kids eat so much popcorn and usually ill buy the microwave popcorn but they got a popcorn mashine for xmas that they LOVE!!
    But ill def try that just for fun 🙂

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