gallery New hair product or hoax?

So, I am not usually so gullible, but I had to try this pin I just found on Pinterest, plus it involves sugar-my favorite.  Have you seen it?  The one of a beautiful woman from behind with the most perfect, long straight hair…they say they have the best way to straighten your hair without using any heat!  Well, first I tried, as a responsible blogger, to find the source and give credit for this magic new DIY hair product.  No luck!  The link was broken and it sent me somewhere out in internet land with nothing resembling the photo.  Sorry Charlie-I hope you don’t report me to the Pinterest Police!

Anyway, so here it goes.  Take 2 tablespoons of brown sugar, mix with 1 cup of water and spray on towel dried hair.  Let hair air dry naturally and hair will be perfectly straight!

HAHAHAHAAAA!  Yes, I said I was gullible enough, but I first must explain that the thought of putting sugar in my hair was slightly exciting which made me want to believe it all the more.  As you can see from the photos (left is before and right is after when almost dry), there is actually not a single, itsy bitsy, tiny hint of my hair straightening.  My mother said I shouldn’t post negative posts, but I’d like to think I created a new hair product; it almost would work as hair gel or mousse.  In fact, the positives would be that it wasn’t sticky like I expected (except for maybe some of you in the southern humidity-you might draw ants like a picnic in July) and it actually helped my curls shine a bit. Once completely dry, it was more like salt spray to give you that beach hair look.  Hmmmm…maybe I’m on to something?  Trying this Pin out to save you the trouble, reporting my experience to my audience and just possibly creating something out of a doomed experiment just might have been what I was looking for!


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