gallery The tissue paper flower ball!

20130102_183002step 3Well, here we are, Day 3 of 365 days of getting myself unstuck…and what do I do?  A styrofoam ball covered in tissue paper flowers.  Strange and random I know, but it hasn’t been above freezing outside in several days and I am pining away for spring colors already!   So, today’s fun project was to bring some more color into my life. 

Step 1-take tissue paper, fold the sheet lengthwise in half.  Then fold again the other way.  If you have ever made a paper fan, you will then “accordion” your paper like you would a fan.  Fold back and forth in about 1/2 inch segments.

Step 2-Now, fold your accordion in half and wrap the center with floral wire.  Leave the ends sticking out so you have the wire to push into the styrofoam ball. 

Step 3-Rip the edges of the paper all the way around.  The more jagged the edge, the better the flower will look. 

Step 4-Separate the paper layers and fluff to form the flower.

Step 5-Poke the wire ends into the styrofoam ball and secure with Anchor pins if needed.  I also tucked a ribbon to hang the ball from in the top and secured with Anchor pins.

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